How to Tell That Your Property Needs Structural Engineering Services

The occurrence of structural damage is not something weird. Structural damage can range from big visible cracks to something you can barely see. Recognising the early signs of structural damage is critical. That way, you can handle these issues before they escalate. Here are some warning signs that your building needs architectural engineering services. 

Problems with the Balcony

Balconies are prone to deteriorate after some time due to decay, dry rot and fungus. Water gets in through the cracks of concrete and makes the situation worse. Also, there could be improper water drainage due to an uneven balcony slope. Issues related to the balcony may seem minute. But failing to handle them could lead to disastrous consequences. 

Maintenance of the balcony and periodic inspection is essential. Some elements to check during the inspection include wear and tear, missing components and rust. Structural engineering experts could help point out locations that the contractor should check. 

Leaks at the Foundation

When water leaks from the plumbing units near your structure, it might lead to soil erosion and structural damage. Some signs that water is leaking at the foundation are damp carpets, mildew, floor warping and odours in the basement. Repair contractors could cover up these issues with a quick fix. That could lead to significant problems in the future. It is best to get to the root cause of the problem and handle it.

A structural engineer will check the cause and effect of these leaks. They will also identify the magnitude of the problem. The experts will then recommend the best way to handle these leaks. 

Sagging Of the Roof and Shift in Walls

Changes in temperature or natural disasters could move the load-bearing walls from their marks. Load-bearing walls are the ones that support the weight of the house. These walls are usually at strategic points between the lower footing and upper roof support. Exterior walls are mostly the load-bearing walls. Sometimes, however, the interior walls could also help in holding your house upright.

The best way to check for shifting is by assessing the roof from a distance. If there is a drop in the middle, there is a high chance that the load-bearing walls have moved. The structural engineering experts will help come up with the best solution.


There are various ways to deal with structural damage. But you need the help of structural engineers to understand the issue entirely. These structural engineers will also advise you on the next steps to take.

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