The Dos And Don’ts Of Partner Marriage Visa Application

Partner marriage visas are ideal for spouses and de-facto partners of Australian citizens who wish to visit or stay in the country. The truth is, many visa applicants do not know how to apply for a partner marriage visa. Below is an excerpt discussing the dos and don'ts of partner marriage visa application. 

The Dos

You will need to consider the following when applying for the visa: 

Hire An Immigration Agent

An immigration agent will handle all aspects of the visa application. A mistake made by most applicants is failing to understand the application guidelines. As such, they end up uploading the wrong documents. An immigration agent will organise your documents and take charge of the application process. Besides, they will handle correspondence with your case officer. 

Meet The Eligibility Criteria

As an applicant, you must be in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen. You do not have to be married in Australia; however, the union should be recognised by the legal system. Additionally, you should not have an infectious disease or criminal record. 

Apply For The Right Visa

There are two types of partner marriage visas; onshore and offshore visas. Onshore visas are for people that currently reside in the country as they make their application. On the other hand, offshore visas are for those living outside the country. First-time applicants can only apply for a 2-year temporary visa. Upon expiration, applicants can renew the temporary permit or apply for a permanent visa. 

The Don'ts

Avoid the following when applying for the visa: 

Do Not Provide False Information

The Department of Home Affairs will request a load of information regarding your background, work history, state of the relationship and future plans. It would be tempting to offer false information as a way to increase your chances of approval. However, this will work against you since the department conducts thorough checks to ascertain the information you provide. 

Do Not Decline Interviews

In most cases, your case officer will want to interview you. Typically, they will make a call and ask whether you would like to be interviewed. Some people will decline this interview. Unknown to them, the interview is an essential aspect of the application process. It helps the department review and clarify the information that you provided. Ideally, your lawyer should be present during this interview. 

When applying for a partner marriage visa, hire an immigration agent, meet the eligibility criteria and apply for the right visa. Do not offer false information or decline interviews. 

If you have questions about how to apply for a partner marriage visa, contact a local immigrant service.