3 Services Offered by Safety Audit Firms

If you own a business, especially one such as construction in which your employees often work in dangerous conditions, or at heights you will need to comply with the occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations. These regulations govern the safety protocols you must establish to maximise worker safety.

To help ensure that you are in compliance, you can hire a safety audit firm, whose job is to review and analyse your safety procedures. Here are some of the services these professionals offer.

Preparation For Certification 

Your business is required to be certified in workplace safety standards that confirm compliance with the existing standards for management systems. A safety audit firm can help you prepare for that certification by instructing in all the protocols that are required for your company to meet the certification.

For example, construction companies often need to have their workers take height safety training courses in order to become certified. In addition to height safety training, certification may also require employees to know the location of all fire exits, fire extinguishers and fire blankets at your workplace.

Property/Risk Compliance 

As part of the OHS regulations, all businesses must comply with regulations establish by the Model Work and Safety Act of 2011, that is overseen by Safe Work Australia.

As part of this compliance, your workplace must be secured against safety risks such as fire, flooding as well as smoke inhalation, which requires you to have established risk control measures such as fire sprinklers and an evacuation process in the event of a fire. A safety audit firm can analyse your property/risk procedures to determine if you have any gaps or weaknesses that could lead to safety issues in the event of an emergency.

Desktop Auditing

Safety audit firms also offer you desktop auditing, in which they will review all your safety documents and manuals to establish a history of your safety procedures that can stand up to an inquiry by an OHS governing body.

Safety audit firms will examine factors such as safety training sessions, safety training information that you have provided to your employees, and the number of safety related problems that you have had at your business, and what steps were taken to correct that problem. The purpose of desktop auditing is to strengthen your safety protocols by reviewing what you have done in the past to determine areas that need proper improvement.

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